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What to do if Coliform Bacteria is Present-new lo

2014-6-4 · What to do if Coliform Bacteria is Present In a Well Water Sample • Don't panic. • Don't rush into expensive repairs or water treatment. • Don't drink the water without treating it until you find and fix the problem. Coliform is a large group with many different kinds of bacteria. Most Coliform bacteria are harmless. Various types of Coliform live in the soil and even on

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2004-3-10 · Call me up tomorrow:my telephone number is 536291。 :536291。 (2) make a telephone call [] This morning someone called up from downtown and asked to see me at two o'clock.

Coliform Bacteria in Drinking Water Factshe

2019-8-7 · Coliform bacteria are not considered a normal inhabitant of groundwater or disinfected surface water. Their presence suggests that there has been a breach, failure, or other change in the integrity of the water system. Disease-causing microorganisms may …

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