How to Use Offline Gmail Mode and Enable Snoozing & Scheduling Of Email


Find out how you can use offline gmail mode and can enable email scheduling and snoozing with Google Chrome. Read your offline emails and get them saved.

In this so connected world, there will get you time when you find yourself stuck offline. And many of the messages are sent or can say that many files and documents are exchanged by the emails. But here now you don’t have to panic as because now you can still read, search and reply to your Gmail messages if you are not having any internet connections. This can only be possible by the official Gmail Offline Chrome app.

In the Chrome Web Store install the head to the offline gmail mode page and add this extension to the chrome browser.

How to Enable Gmail’s Offline Mode with Google Chrome

For using this program you have to open a new Chrome tab and select Apps from the left side at the top. Then Gmail Offline should appear along with the other Chrome applications.

Gmail Offline

For the first time, you’ll be asked that do you want to save your mail on the current PC? One thing keeps in mind that you don’t have to enable it on public or shared machines.

When you agree then Gmail will open and you will notice that how the interface looks different from the regular web version. And, messages will start syncing from the last 7 days including starred and draft folders. You can also increase the synchronization time period to include messages up to 1 month old by changing some settings.

Gmail Offline Mode

Being Offline is refer that you are not able to send or reply messages, rather it will just keep as the draft in outbox and will send whenever you will get online. Also, other actions such as deleting and moving messages will take place once you are back online.

Scheduling & snoozing Messages

Firefox, Opera, and Safari extensions are a Boomerang for Gmail. They are essentially helpful for power users and can perform several functions. One most notable are being the ability to send messages at scheduled times and delay incoming emails.

offline gmail mode

In addition, they let you throw messages out of the inbox and have returned at a later date. This is useful for the reminder for bills or any event invitation emails that you want to remember.

Boomerang can also identify the dates in email and recommend a time when it should be brought back to the inbox at the top. You can also send message allowing you to follow them up at a delay date by a boomerang.

Boomerang is an amazing additional that enhances the Gmail experience. While the application is free, you should subscribe if you need to evacuate the 10 messages for every month as limit.

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offline gmail mode