Learn How to Run Your Android App in Google Chrome


Had you ever know that you can run your Android apps in Google Chrome? Well, yeah this is actually right, with the help of the Google tool ARC Welder, which is launched in 2015. It is designed to give developers a chance to test their applications in the chrome browser so that they can be ported to Chrome operating system, ARC welder’s essential objective is to make it simple for designers to make more applications for chrome OS. However, the tool can be used by everybody to just run android applications in their browser.

It’s quite easy to run Android applications using the ARC Welder, and below we’ll demonstrate you. It is worth mentioning that though that some Android applications don’t run especially well in chrome, so you’ll have to do a bit of experimentation to discover which application works best.

ARC Welder

The easiest part of the entire procedure is installing ARC Welder. Just make a beeline for the Chrome Web Store page for ARC Welder and install. After that when this process is finished you’ll have the capacity to run ARC Welder from the Chrome apps page.

In the event that you have a device that can run Chrome and Chrome applications, you should have the capacity to use the ARC Welder. This implies that all desktop OS are supported including Windows10, MacOS, Chrome OS, and Linux. From what we have seen, the tool works just well over every single working Operating system, so you won’t essentially show better experience changing from Windows to MacOS.

Find Android APKs

ARC Welder is intended to open Android APK documents, so you’ll need to discover and download the APK you need to run. You can’t download APK files from the Google Play Store, so you’ll host to use a third party download source.

APK Mirror

Here we have numerous APKs of well-known applications, however for more dark applications and discovery we suggest APKMirror as your Android APK source, basically, it has a pleasant interface and you can download older versions of all applications in their collection if needed.

They even have isolated versions of various apps for several processor architectures. AndroidAPKsFree is another inexpensive source if you can’t discover what you are looking for at APKMirror.

It should be noted that downloading PAKs for paid apps is theft, so neither one of the websites has paid apps. If you really need to download a paid app with ARC Welder then you will need to look into yourself.

Run app in Arc Welder

When you install your APK, just launch dispatch ARC Welder in Chrome and select a directory where ARC Welder can think of some brief documents. After you’ve done this, just click to find and include the APK you want to try, that will carry you to the page of setup options. Google says it is best to leave these at their default values. To dispatch the apps, click on test.

Run Android App in Crome












It can execute only one application at one time. In any case, you want to open another app then you have to close your current app, to load a new APK, simply click on remove the old APK from ARC welder, and then launch the new application.

We have run many applications on ARC Welder in chrome 56 Windows 10 and the output came that the application support sometimes hit or miss. Certainly, some basic Android apps like Gmail, Facebook and Maps crashes instantly when they load. While others like Microsoft Word and Keep hang indefinitely on their load screen. Some apps load but throw an error such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. However, there are some apps that work from our brief test period like:

  • Twitter loads and works prominently and Animations also work but bit slow, as you had supposed from emulation software.
  • Accuweather also works but sometimes has sparkling issues in loading.
  • Plex again seems to work properly; we can play videos in the app with few audio issues.
  • Slack works food
  • If you need to do network performance testing you can do SpeedTest.net.

We also tested many games but most of them won’t work, or load on the black screen. This is not much shocking that as ARC Welder is not developed to hold complex 3D workloads.  A famous game like Temple Run does not work, but it create at about 3 frames per second and you cannot make it past menu screen.

Arc Welder is just a tool targeting app developers wanting to send their apps to Chrome OS, which is why non-gaming apps are more effective to load and work properly. Roughly only 40% of them load and worked in ARC Welder.

It can be functional to try Android apps in Chrome if you are were not having an Android device in hand, however, it is far from a perfect Android app emulator. If any app works with ARC Welder its better but you should not expect all app to load or works properly in this developer focused tool.

Disclaimer: –  We don’t claim credit for any images posted on this site.