There are a lot of situations and alternatives with regards to PC remote access. TeamViewer is an extraordinary and prescribed specialized program to achieve this, however, there are additionally less difficult and perhaps less disturbing ways like Google’s free Chrome Remote Desktop extensions.

With the help of Chrome browser, you can easily installed Chrome Remote Desktop in any machine, anyway of the operating system. The possibility of accessing files and programs remotely as in traditional cases, such as forgotten files at home, taking advantage of the super fast internet connection or just providing remote assistance for a technologically impaired in-law and additionally the option of running Windows or MacOS apps in the ChromeOS device.

For installing head to the Chrome Remote Desktop page Chrome Web Store, you have to click on Add to Chrome button and then click Add an app.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

On the computer on which you are working have to install it. After the installation, allow the extension the essential permissions and login to your Google account.

You are additionally provoked to download Chrome Remote Desktop Host. A pop-up in the process will occur, however, in the Windows you need to download and install the .msi file. When installing the extension on both of the computers is done then you will be asked to develop a PIN number to secure your machine. And then you are ready to go.

Once Chrome Remote Desktop has been launched, you will be given two options:

  1. Share your computer for another user to see and control.
  2. See and control a shared computer.

When you select the 1st option you will give an access code and this code you have been asked to enter if you select 2nd option. A screen will appear.

Crome Remote Desktop

When you access a Chromebox from windows, this is how it looks. The process of installation is so simple and you can opt out any time for it and all you have to done is that uninstall the extension and finally, you are done.

Access Computer Remotely

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